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In May 31st, the "Sino Russian friendship tour? China" interview team interviewed on the China western shoe industrial park, local authorities said Russia and China National years opened to Easy Access Russia for Chengdu shoes. "Sino Russian friendship tour, China Tour" interview team, first visited the shoe industry zone located in Western Chengdu shoe enterprises - Chengdu Jun Jun Industrial Co., Ltd. leather shoes production workshop. It is understood that the company has an annual output of 150 to 2 million pairs of shoes, of which 1/4 are sold to Russia, the company's exports to Russia are now growing at an annual rate of 40%. Ma Zhongquan, general manager of the company, revealed the competitive advantages of Chengdu Enterprises: "Chengdu shoes, its advantages lie in its speed, our production and delivery cycle is very short, received orders to ship 4 days, usually 15 days."." It is understood that Russian residents need to spend 230 million / 250 million pairs of shoes each year, of which 150 million pairs are Chinese shoes. Wu Chun company Cardin brand shoes has also aroused great Cheap air jordan 12 ovo interest of the Russian reporters, they have chosen love style try it on in the interview, Itar - Tass cultural consultant ustimenko selected the original price 800 yuan a pair of leather shoes manufacturers, 200 yuan to the price sold to him, it is understood that the leather shoes in Russia to sell 200 to 300 dollars. The Chinese shoes, high ustimenko evaluation: "I bought a pair of shoes, the quality is very good, I've bought Chinese shoes, shoe line is very strong, Chinese shoes look very modern, fashionable, I very love." China western shoe industrial park has gathered more than 80% of Sichuan's footwear enterprises, footwear currently has more than 1200 enterprises, 67% of its products are exported to Russia, the Russian government issued the relevant laws prohibiting foreigners engaged in retail trade in Russia last year, caused some impact on the footwear industry in Chengdu. Therefore, the relevant departments of Chengdu spotted this opportunity in Russia China years, in April 21, 22 days, held a Sino Russian footwear trade fair, during the more than 60 Russian enterprises in Sich cheap jordans for sale uan direct purchase of $20 million, by May the shoe procurement season in 4, the total purchase amount of Russian enterprises exceeded 300 million dollars. Western Sichuan Shoes Co. Ltd. state representative, chairman Peng Jun said: "today you came to the shoes are from the past, and today's development and the Russian market, the Russian enterprises cooperation are inseparable, the Russian market is the core of our market, we adopted this Chinese national platform, we will enter a a benign orbit in 2007, 2008 in the Russian market development." (editor in chief: admin)Recently, Nike Sportswear in cooperation with Brazil cutting-edge designers Pedro Lourenco, together to create a new series of women's fitness. The young designer, at the age of 19 at St Paul fashion week and Paris fashion Zhou Liang, particularly looking forward to the cooperation. The United States supermodel Karlie Kloss interpretation of movement equipment joint, this brings the shoe works: Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4. Soft gray cloth and pink details combined, full of feminine sense of modern. Nike Lab on sale, love friends ca Retro jordans for sale n look at. pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-02.jpg (98.03 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-01.jpg (107.09 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload pedro-lourenco-nike-free-5-tr-fit-4-03.jpg (122.37 KB, download number: 0) download Pedro Lourenco x Nike Free 5 TR Fit 4 2014-11-14 13:04 upload Nike 00Nike Zoom Kobe 1 three special editions Sample 2013-12-08 22:20:58 The much anticipated Kobe generation until February 1, 2006 was officially appear. Although 2k4 and 2k5 mark great, but still with scabbard Zoom Kobe 1 selling logo moment, obviously, everyone is looking forward to this pair of shoes. Now let's look at three of Zoom Kobe 1 early models. The first is white shoes with heel embroidery 24. The second is a Lakers colors, matte purple as well as yellow upper support. Kobe has followed the third paragraph of embroidery patterns. Let us enjoy together.had gone 29 years remains one of the leading sneaker in air jordan ser Cheap air jordans for sale ies, this fall launched its first 29 pairs of shoes is on behalf of & quot;. Air Jordan XX9 "each year out of a new rule for each global Fans or sneakers geared to those friends who like the same as agreed between the brothers continuation. The Air Jordan XX9 maintained a consistent sense of innovation and technology, the use of today's latest technology to create the perfect basketball shoes most suitable, the following Let us appreciation of these stunning detail.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] in China's investment market, wearable devices is becoming a hot item, a lot of talent and capital are focusing development and application in the field of products; however, As one of the earliest layout wearable equipment companies, international sports giant Nike a recent move may indicate that the wearable device at least for now, its market application has not looked so beautiful. Recently, foreign media reported that the headquarters of Nike's Fuel Band wearable device sector were slightly layoffs. In this regard, China responded that Nike "Nike + Fuel cheap jordan shoes for men Band SE is still an important part of the business," but did not make the issue of layoffs or shrink in direct response;? Nike CEO Mark Parker on April 26 confirmed that the company's Fuel Band sport bracelet sector will shift the focus of the software. Some industry analysts pointed out, it may be just this giant sports equipment in the field of wearable temporary bottlenecks encountered, or will be born out of such as "Nike + Apple" strong cooperation in the future, but this sportswear giants to to adapt, will be completely different fields of technology rules of the game. market bottlenecks encountered "This also means that after years of testing the waters, limited to the cost, human resources, market maturity and other factors, Nike is shrinking its exploration in the wearable device." The so-called wearable device that directly worn, or integrated into a portable device users clothes or accessories. Wearable device is not just a hardware device, but also to achieve the powerful support by the software, and data exchange, cloud interaction. Currently on the market the popular cheap foamposites wearable device, multi-function health indicators to track users. In the outside world the impression that the wearable device is Google, Apple and other technology giants contested battleground. But in fact, as a global sports giant Nike is one of the earliest layout and wearable devices to achieve industrial enterprises, and has occupied a considerable market share. "China now has a lot of small and medium enterprises in doing this, but they have not addressed the core issue is how to do more wearable device fashion and beauty." There are domestic technology company executives said, if available wearable device is designed to not allow the user to accept, alone features are hard to impress the mainstream consumer groups, so the majority of domestic enterprises in the application layout for the elderly and children. In contrast, Nike has inherent advantages in the design and brand. Since 2006 Release Nike + Running so far, has introduced a number of IOS platform application; Nike has released a smart sneakers are a blend of Nike + ForceSensor sensor technology, the user's motion da cheap jordans for sale mens ta sent to their mobile wireless data transmission devices, and functions to achieve by showing Share on social network platforms. In Nike + iPod, for example, mainly through its components together in the shoe sensor and a receiver fitted to the iPod that allows users to run a series of data in real time to see their own pace, distance and so on. But one step ahead of Nike seems to echo the lack of market. It is reported that, due to the high hardware operating expenses, and the company did not generate sufficient profits, Nike has been a fierce debate on the recent Fuel Band related decisions. preceding technology company executives also pointed out that the wearable device's battery, transmission, power consumption, etc., at present there are still some technical bottlenecks, resulting in the consumer experience will be very good. market maturity is another bottleneck Nike equipment in the field of wearable encountered. Chinese Olympic Decathlon and marketing people are told the "China Business" reporter, they have been concerned about the wearable device market, but the results o Retro jordans for sale f research show that there are many immature this market place, including consumer acceptance degree, and therefore there are no plans to enter this field. These factors make "wearable device," the market outlook is full of uncertainty, it was reported that Nike will give up all future wearable hardware development, focus will shift to the software level. Parker said in an interview seems to have evidence of this, said, "will focus more on software experience." "This also means that after years of testing the waters, limited to the cost, human resources, market maturity and other factors, Nike is shrinking its exploration in terms of the wearable device." Key way sports management consulting firm founder People Zhang said that this is also for the domestic investment boom wearable device "poured cold water", the wearable device market outlook does not yet have imagined so good. will not abandon the strategic high ground foreign media quoted sources informed sources said, after layoffs Nike wearable device, including Microsoft, Intel, Google acquired Nest smart device manufacturers cheap jordans online have brainer, FuelBand team rushed to join the battle. But Nike for wearable device layout does not stop there. Nike official message from the display, FuelBand SE will not stop the sales, service and software upgrades will also continue. FuelBand SE is a Nike wristbands can be recorded and measured the amount of exercise everyday. According to market research firm Canalys analysis shows this type of product market heat: 2014 shipments of smart wrist products will reach 17 million by 2017 will increase to 45 million. Nike China also said it will inherit development Nike + Fuel Band App, will release a new color, and in the foreseeable future continue to sell and support for Nike + Fuel Band SE. Many industry analysts believe that in the interview, Nike is unlikely to completely abandon wearable device, because it really is a future industrial layout. This is from foreign technology giants "concerted action" can be seen on foreign media quoted sources informed sources said, after the Nike wearable device layoffs, including Microsoft, Intel, Google acquired smart device manufacturers Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Nest have brainer, FuelBand team rushed to join the battle. At the same time, Nike's rival Adidas are doing this attempt, feedback and guidance heart rate training its launch Smart Watches mi Coach, available through the screen, vibration and Bluetooth headsets on the watch. Zhang said wearable device of Nike's significance lies, it will completely change the mode of communication between the company and the user, the sound of Nike's way past, into a company and a global user in the same "community "scenario of life. This will undoubtedly greatly increase the understanding of the Nike consumer opportunities, enhance the user viscosity. And according to Parker's statement, Nike + software platform and application of the ecosystem already has 30 million users, the future "I hope to increase this number to 100 million." preceding technology company executives said the industry is currently a consensus that wearable device is actually the ultimate goal is to apply big data, that is, through the analysis of user behavior in order to better understand the needs of users. "By selling smart shoes and wristbands can not earn much money, but the data behind it is a treasure mine." But Nike is able to tap this treasure mine remains to be tested, said science and technology company executives, says Nike doubt on the ability of data management, "is likely to get a lot of data, but do not know how to process. " change the rules of the game Nike has long been accustomed to the product design, production and brand to control in their own hands; and in science and technology, each link has its own value-added, peer cooperation may be more in line with the laws of this industry. For this sportswear giants, the climb may well be a timely business intelligence. There are industry analyst said that although the development of the history of science and technology of Nike products for 10 years, but the first is a sports apparel company, after all, the former is not their core business. If you want to FuelBand to a higher level, it is bound to take a tremendous effort, so they decided to adjust its strategy to focus on software and community building, the hardware of work to do best people. However, seek external cooperation of Nike are faced with different rules of the game. Although Nike is the representative of the international community "asset light" of the company, but its years of operation mode, has long been accustomed to the product design, production and brand to control in their own hands; and in science and technology, each link has its own additional value, peer cooperation may be more in line with the laws of this industry. According to Zhang understood that Nike is doing the wearable device in the process, we are also looking for a corresponding enterprise R & D cooperation, manufacturing and other aspects. But Nike still strong demands, including the flow of goods, only Nike LOGO, which also caused much discontent partners. "More importantly, on entering a new field, the Nike may have found their own strength alone is difficult to get things to be perfect." aware of it, it may make the two giants Nike and Apple's future cooperation in this field has become more closely linked. Existing sources, both dressed in smart business cooperation will be further, or jointly developed iWatch products, Apple is allegedly secret development and testing of a iOS watches, is a new type of wearable computing devices. Such rumors are not groundless, both in the field of wearable device has a lot of common ground, someone would have found Apple's CEO Tim Cook - also a director of Nike - wearing FuelBand in the gym;? And 2013 In September, Apple hired Nike top designers Ben Shaffer, who was in charge of Nike wearable technology business - in the field of wearable devices, Apple and Nike, as has the exuberant ambitions. Zhang said that Apple sells hardware, sell Nike Sportswear, the two sides did not direct competition, there is no obstacle to a partnership. If Apple sells a variety of devices, and support for Nike to develop software applications, the cooperation will be very successful. "Based on the various origins of both sides, they can be worn on the possibility of combining the strengths of a great device." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information. )